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AAML Videos

1 & 2) How to Find a Family Lawyer (08:05)

This chapter provides valuable information for the viewer on how to go about hiring a competent family lawyer, alternatives to traditional litigation and the costs associated with the divorce process.

3) Requirements to File For Divorce (03:18)

This chapter discusses the general requirements to file for divorce such as residency and provides information as to where the divorce can be obtained and the role of fault in a divorce.

4) Custody / Relocation (06:04)

The most important issue for people with children considering divorce is how custody will work and the extent to which they can relocate. This chapter discusses these issues.

5) Dividing the Marital Estate (04:19)

This chapter summarizes the law as to the division of assets in a divorce such as real property, retirement assets, bank accounts, personal property and other assets. Equitable Distribution and Community Property are discussed.

6) Alimony (01:46)

This chapter briefly reviews the various issues concerning the payment of support from one party to another.

7) Child Support (07:00)

This chapter discusses the general law as it relates to the payment of support for a child or children.

8) Domestic Violence (05:11)

This final chapter discusses what a party can do if he or she is a victim of domestic violence. At the end of this chapter the telephone numbers of organizations able to provide assistance are listed.

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