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Child Centered Residential Guidelines


These Guidelines are intended to provide research based ideas and solutions in making decisions regarding parenting time when parents do not live together.  They provide developmental guidance for parents and those charged with creating parenting plans to assist in making child-friendly agreements, presenting cogent proposals to the Court, and fashioning developmentally appropriate orders.  (Freely available online and for hard copy purchase.)

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The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers®, under the direction of Past President Alton L. Abramowitz, created a committee charged with developing Child Centered Residential Guidelines. Primarily, these Guidelines seek to fill the void recognized by the current research regarding developmentally and psychologically appropriate parenting plans for children whose parents do not live together, contradicting the generally accepted traditional alternating weekend visitation guideline followed by many courts throughout the country. As most states provide “custody” is to be determined upon a “best interests” standard, President Abramowitz envisioned providing a national model, consistent with the aspirations of the Academy, to assist parents, judges, lawyers, mediators and parent educators in drafting child-centered residential guidelines, focusing on best interests, and as a result reducing parental conflict relating to time sharing of children.

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