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Volume 15, 1998 Number 2

Front Matter
Front Matter File: 
Division and Valuation of Speculative Assets: Reasoned Adjudication or Courthouse Confusion?
Value: More Than a Superficial Understanding is Required
Family Law Issues That Impact the Professional Athlete
Post-Retirement Medical Benefits: A Not-So-Certain Property Right
Are Contingency Fee Cases Part of the Marital or Communal Estate?
Valuation of Stock Options in Dividing Marital Property Upon Dissolution
Lynn Curtis
Characterization, Valuation, and Distribution of Pensions at Divorce
Susan J. Prather
The Road to Splitsville: How the Timing of Valuation During Marital Dissolution Leads to Costly Detours
Lynn Weddle Judkins
Professional Goodwill: Is It a Settled Question or is There "Value" in Discussing It?
Helga White
Valuation of Marital Assets
Nancy Levit

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