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Volume 16, 1999 Number 1

Federalization of Family Law Contents
Front Matter
Front Matter Abstract: 
Federalization of Family Law Contents
Child Custody and Visitation by Non-Parents Under the New Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act: A Rerun of Seize-and-Run
The Federalization of Child Support A Shift in the Ruling Paradigm: Child Support as Outside the Contours of "Family Law"
The Bankruptcy Automatic Stay: It’s Not the End of the World—or of the Case
Effect of TRA 1997 and RARA 1998 on Divorce Taxation
Federal Law and Domestic Violence: The Legacy of the Violence Against Women Act
Avoiding the Discharge of Legal Fees in Bankruptcy
It’s A Natural Fit: Expanding Mediation To Alleviate Congestion In The Troubled Juvenile Court System
The Many Faces Of Child Support Modification
Using Social Security Benefits As A Credit Towards A Child Support Obligation
Jurisdictional Issues Under The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

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