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Volume 16, 2000 Number 2

The Impaired Matrimonial Client
Front Matter
Front Matter File: 
Understanding "Estate Planning": Asset Protection or Fraudulent Conveyance
Financial Exploitation Statutes’ Impact on Domestic Relations Practice
Tax Implication of Alimony for the Elder Divorcee
When Your Elder Clients Marry: Prenuptial Agreements and Other Considerations
Who is the Client? Ethical Issues in an Elder Law Practice
Representing a Client with Diminished Capacity: How Do You Know It And What Do You Do About It?
The Impact of the Death of a Party to a Dissolution Proceeding on a Court’s Jurisdiction over Property Rights
Anthony Bologna
The Application of the Dead Man’s Statutes in Family Law
Steve Planchon
Abuse of a Power of Attorney: Who is More Likely to be Punished, the Elder or the Abuser?
Amanda A. Thilges
Elder Law, 1995-2000
Barbara Glesner Fines

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