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Volume 17, 2001 Number 2

The Big Case: Issues in High Income/High Asset Cases
Front Matter
Front Matter Abstract: 
About This Issue
Stock Options: A Significant but Unsettled Issue in the Distribution of Marital Assets
Equitable Distribution in Large Marital Estate Cases
Child Support in High Income Cases
Tax Carryovers: Important Assets to Consider in High Income and High Asset Divorce Cases or Valuation Nightmare
Tracing to Avoid Transmutation
The Hazards of "In-Kind" Distributions of Closely-Held Stock in Divorce Actions
Three at Bats Against Joint and Several Tax Liability: (1) Innocent Spouse (2) The Election to Limit Liability and (3) Equitable Relief
"But I Can’t Marry You": Who is Entitled to the Engagement Ring When the Conditional Performance Falls Short of the Altar?
Barbara Frazier
High Income/High Asset Divorce
Mary Kay Kisthardt and Nancy Levit

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