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Volume 25, 2012 Number 1

Front Matter
Front Matter File: 
Front Matter File: 
After Brenda and Eddie Divorce, Eddie Files for Bankruptcy: The Unusual Life of Defalcation under BAPCPA
Property Rights of Unmarried Cohabitants — Nothing New under the Sun
Theories and Methods for Valuing Marital Assets
Assessing the Hazards to an “Innocent Spouse” of Civil and Criminal Liability for Tax Offenses in a Dissolution of Marriage Proceeding
Can and Should a State Court Order an Unwilling Spouse to File a Joint Federal Income Tax Return?
Till Death Do Us Part-And Then Some: The Effect of a Party's Death During Dissolution
Brandon Carney
Tactical Strategies for Joinder of Parties and Joinder of Claims in Divorce Actions
Kathryn Holland
When a "Gift" Is More Than Just a "Gift:" The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act Applied at Divorce
Courtney Chapin
"Double Dipping": A Good Theory Gone Bad
Laura W. Morgan
Marital Property Annotated Bibliography
Nancy Levit

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