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Volume 28, 2016 Number 2

Domestic Violence
Front Matter
Front Matter File: 
Do the Best Interests of the Child End at the Nation's Shores? Immigration, State Courts, and Children in the United States
Trafficking and the Child Welfare System Link: An Analysis
In the Best Interests of Children: What Family Law Attorneys Should Know about Domestic Violence
Is Your Client a Good Candidate for Mediation? Screen Early, Screen Often, and Screen for Domestic Vioence
Child Support Determinations in High Income Families--A Survey of the Fifty States
Forensic Experts and Family Courts: Science or Privilege-by-License?
Domestic Violence and the Military
Avoiding Collusion with Batterers through Recognition of Covert Behavior for Better Outcomes in Family Court
The Implications of the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in Elonis v. United States for Victims of Domestic Violence
Madison Peak
Intimate Partner Violence: An Annotated Bibliography, 2013-2015
Nancy Levit

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