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AAML Newsletter August 2016

As we enter the second half of the calendar year, I am pleased to report that the Academy and its State Chapters continue to hold a wide range of very valuable events.  This summer started with great fanfare with the New Jersey State Chapter’s Annual Dinner Dance at Cedar Hill Country Club on Saturday, June 11th.  This event, complete with a seafood dinner and dancing, and overall congeniality, has reached almost legendary status within the AAML.  The 2016 edition of this Dinner Dance took on an even more celebratory nature as Amy Goldstein was sworn in

By:  Susan Saper Galamba (KS)

A common misconception of practitioners is that they will never need to obtain text content from a cellular provider because the data is stored on the phone, and they can get it through discovery. But what happens when the text is "accidentally" deleted from the phone, or the phone mysteriously disappears? While courts are becoming more educated, and perhaps stringent, when it comes to litigants destroying evidence, they have a long way to go.

1.  What is the most interesting thing you are doing or have done this summer?

Finishing the latest draft of the “Family Law Manual” published previously by the Iowa State Bar Association in 2008 and 2012.  My latest update will the best and most comprehensive version yet.


2.  What book or movie is on the top of your "To Do" list?

By Bobbie Batley

Hi there!  I am writing this in the midst of a weekend of shopping for dorm supplies for my oldest daughter, Kali.  She will be leaving New Mexico to attend Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in just a few weeks.  I could not decide what to write about and she suggested this topic.  We survived the college application process…now on to the next adventure!

The AAML Foundation, established in 1990, provides financial assistance to organizations that protect children and families affected by divorce, domestic violence and other causes of family disruption, such as drugs and alcohol abuse. The Foundation also supports organizations that seek to improve co-parenting and improve family life to prevent marriage breakups. It is a means by which we can try to minimize the collateral damage that results from the family upheavals we, as family law practitioners, deal with every day.

The first half of 2016 has been busy for the Northern California Chapter. With the New Year we welcomed three new fellows: Rita Patterson from Lakin Spears, Palo Alto; Renee Ross from Ross Family Law, Pleasanton; and Erin Childs from Fresno.  No sooner did Erin become a Fellow and she was then appointed as a Commissioner to the Fresno County Superior Court. That makes Commissioner Childs our newest judicial member.


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