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AAML Newsletter June 2016

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Additional AAML Midyear Meeting Photos 2016

By: Charles C. Shainberg


I was national president for 2000-2001. The many years on the Executive Committee teach one that being president is not a position of power. Individual decisions are rare and important decisions require the opinions and support of the majority of the Executive.

While the AAML does not often come out and take controversial public positions, issues have arisen over the years which have required us to speak out as an organization.




         The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Foundation welcomes and thanks the following AAML Fellows who became Foundation Lifetime Members since January 1, 2016:

Amy J. Amundsen, Tennessee Chapter

Janice Joy “JJ” Dahl, Florida Chapter

Helen R. Davis, Arizona Chapter

Is it worth more dead or alive?  That sounds like the theme from a murder mystery with a scheming spouse who purchased a large life insurance policy on their partner’s life shortly before their untimely demise.  Or perhaps it is the theme of an old western starring a bank robber that has a large bounty on their head.  While these are common themes in print and on film, how often do you see this theme in a business valuation report? I would guess not all that often, but as business valuation experts, it is a question we must consider in each business valuation.

By Joslin Davis

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to the Academy’s Kentucky Chapter for inviting me to attend the AAML and LBA (Louisville Bar Association) Family Law Seminar on April 28–29, which covered the topic, Solutions for the Modern Family Law Practice.

By Guy Alvarez


The use of social media and Facebook continues to confound attorneys as many try to figure out why they should be using social media, how it can help their practice, and what are the right social channels to use.

Vicki West, Executive Director of the AAML, was honored at the Executive Committee meeting in Winston-Salem, NC, on May 7, 2016, for her decade-long work for the AAML and received a standing ovation of appreciation.

What is the most interesting thing going on your life right now?

This past Wednesday I finished my 5th trial since the beginning of April.  To say that I am ready for things at the office not to be so crazy is an understatement.

What is your favorite book and why?

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