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AAML Newsletter May 2016

AAML Missouri and Connecticut State Chapters Hold Successful Events



The Academy’s Ongoing Commitment to Marriage Equality

By Richard Roane, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Last year, I had the great honor to serve as the Academy's official observer at the United States Supreme Court, where I held a front row seat to history and personally witnessed the oral arguments of the Obergefell v. Hodges case decided June 26, 2015.


Meet Nicholas A. Leto, Jr an AAML member for approximately 22 years.  He has been the Southern California Chapter President, been Counsel to the Chapter a number of times and held many other Chapter offices. He served on the National Board of Governors and completed a three year term.


SBP – Pointers for the Military Divorce Practitioner


*by Mark E. Sullivan


Tips on taking a ski vacation with children.


By: Scott N. Friedman





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Additional AAML Midyear Meeting Photos 2016

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