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AAML Newsletter September 2016

Since they say that “everything’s bigger in Texas,” I thought that I would devote an entire blog to my recent visit to our Lone Star State Chapter that took place during the first week of August.  This memorable trip to San Antonio started with a Sunday evening dinner held by the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas at La Margarita Restaurant.  It was a truly warm and welcoming occasion spent with the Family Law Council members of the State Bar, and of course, our Texas AAML Fellows.  This included Chapter Past President Charlie Hodges, President Eri

By Melissa J. Avery


One of the things I value the most in my life are my friendships. Some are old, and have lines and wrinkles, just like my hands which I swear have turned into my mother’s. Some are new and need a lot of attention and supervision, like a newborn baby. Some friends live close by and some across the country. Either way, as a social person, friends are one of the things that makes me tick. My friendships are one of the reasons that I look forward to the future and cherish the past.

Our newsletter will feature a Fellow every month to help connect the names and faces of the many Fellows within the Academy.  This month, we feature Mary Fran Quindlen from South Carolina.


Dear Fellows:


Marshal S. Willick (NV) and Amy Sara Cores (NJ) are compiling information to complete an article for the Journal regarding the “tacking” of years of a non-marital relationship prior to, or following a marriage and the impact of same on the “term” of a marriage considered by a court in deciding issues of alimony and property division in divorce, palimony, cohabitation, civil union, etc. cases.  This issue is the subject of recently drafted model/educational legislation of our own Legislative Committee.


Some people think you have lost it.  They claim you no longer have a sense of romance or spontaneity.  You have become dull and predictable.  In other words, you are no longer fun.  Luckily for you, I have a cure for this condition, and I can put an end to these rumors.  If you follow my advice, even your children and grandchildren will think you are cool. 


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