Chapter: Mountain States

The Mountain States Chapter of the AAML welcomes you!

Welcome to the Mountain States Chapter

The Mountain States Chapter of the AAML was created in 1992 to bring together the most prestigious and competent lawyers in the area of matrimonial law from the states of Utah, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming.

The area of matrimonial law includes the following areas of expertise:
• Divorce
• Children’s Issues
• Custody and Paternity
• Legal separation and annulment
• Domestic violence
• Alimony and child support
• Rights of domestic partners and unmarried cohabitants
• Adoption
• Business and property valuation and division
• Prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements
• Mediation, arbitration and collaborative law

Members of the Academy are known as strong advocates for their clients and the legal profession and support clients who are facing one of the most traumatic events in their lives. Many members of the Mountain States Chapter utilize mediation and methods of alternative dispute resolution, including collaborative law, in addition to outstanding trial work.

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 Chapter President
Sharon A. Donovan
 Chapter President Elect
Farrah L. Spencer
 Chapter Secretary
Amy H. Kennedy
Chapter's Key Contact Person
Sharon A. Donovan


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