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The Oregon Chapter of the AAML welcomes you!


The Oregon Chapter of the AAML is a select group of experienced practitioners in the field of family law from around the State.  There are presently 22 members in our Chapter and their profiles can be accessed through this site.  The 1600 AAML Fellows across the United States are generally recognized by judges and attorneys as preeminent family law practitioners with a high level of knowledge, skill and integrity.

Family law is both dynamic and complex. A competent family law attorney must know not only the state divorce laws but also state and federal laws in related fields such as tax, property, estates, retirement and insurance. No area of the law has a greater enduring impact on client lives than that of family law. Representation by an AAML Fellow is representation by one of the most qualified family law attorneys in the country.

AAML Fellows are also in a position to handle cases that are not as complex on a cost-effective basis. Their experience and concentration in family law allow AAML Fellows to manage their law practices very efficiently and to charge reasonable and competitive fees while providing the quality of legal representation.

Let us know how we can be of service.

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Chapter President
Sharon A. Williams
Chapter Secretary
John H. Case
Chapter Treasurer
Michael A. Yates
Past President
Jeffrey S. Matthews


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