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Looking for a Lawyer?

You have the confidence in knowing that Fellows of the AAML provide the highest quality family
law services you can find. Lawyers who belong to the AAML have the demonstrated expertise
and professionalism and are best positioned to help you achieve your goals. Search for a lawyer in your area.


Need to make a Referral?

Whether you are an attorney, a therapist or counselor, or another professional, you can rely on
the rigorous vetting process each AAML Fellow undergoes to ensure your client has an
experienced, dedicated family law attorney who will do their utmost to protect their interests. 


What’s in it for You?

Joining the AAML opens up many opportunities. Whether your goal is to increase your
knowledge through excellent CLE seminars, give back to the profession by sharing your
expertise, or become a part of specialized community, the AAML is the place for you. Through
local chapters and national meetings, the AAML will expand your horizons. For more information on what it takes to join, click here.

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