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Search by Name, State or with a radius from a location.  

While we work to enhance the search, here are a few tips to ensure that you get a good search result:

  1. Name search can work with partial names. For example, “Wal” will find Peter Walzer.
  2. Always use the search radius of at least 25 miles. The radius search feature based on a city/state search will render results that begin at the center of the city you entered in your search. For example, if you enter Chicago, you will need to widen the search radius to at least 25 miles, in order for your search results to include the broader area of the Chicagoland suburbs.
  3. You are required to put in the full name of the city and state if you are conducting a state search. “Illinois” will include all the Fellows in Illinois but entering the abbreviation “IL” or ‘Chi’, will produce zero results.
  4. If you use the zip code as the search feature, you must use at least 5 digits.


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